Monday, December 8, 2008

Spring 09 Students!

This is a wonderful class, it's full of things that are definitely going to be beneficial to everyone entering into the business world. And not just those individuals specifically, but anyone planning to enter into the workforce!
It was very helpful to have one-on-one help with interviews, resumes, portfolios,....etc. So make sure to complete assignments because if you miss out, you will be sorry that you didn't receive such great help!
Also, make sure to check the Websites, sometimes those blogs can get away from you. I guess because this an action you have to complete every week it can be pretty easy to forget about! But stay on top of those, because they will help your grades!
For the client projects, its good to make sure you pick a great group with good dynamics! Your groups are going to be important for making your ultimate project a success. Be open to new and different ideas when doing your projects because a collaborative idea is the best one! Working with clients can also be challenging, because not all of them participate fully in what you are trying to do! However, Angie is always willing to help be a liaison between you and the client. Make sure to voice your concerns because that's the only way Angie will know what needs to be done.
And lastly HAVE FUN! This whole course is a fun, interactive learning experience, have fun, after all its not often that classes in college are interactive and can actively be applied to everyday life. You naturally do better on things you enjoy doing. So be creative, be hard working, and enjoy!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Group Projects

Usually I dont like group projects. However this project was a great experience. I think working with the clients and being actively involved made the project fun and interesting. It caused us to be hands on with what was going on. This made us put more effort into the project and figuring out the best ideas to pursue.
Working with the group members definately helped make me aware of all the different ideas 4 people could come up with. Just when I thought I had exhausted all areas and options, a group memeber would come up with another fabulous idea! Having the agendas and meeting minutes helped bring alot of order. And I thought those were very impotant and worked well.
Our biggest challenge had to be having the clients not repond quickly enough or sometimes not at all. Some of our ideas couldn't be pursued because we didnt have the neccesary information to see the project all the way through. Also sometimes we had issues with not having things to do, if we had completely a project previously our next meeting would not be very effective.
For my next group project I would just keep in mind the things that helped to make this group work so well and use them. Also just keeping in mind our interactions with the clients will definately help me in the workplace when those projects arise.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dual Coding System...

This image uses the dual coding system, verbally because the words draw you in and capture your attention. Their placement also aids in remembering what nike is telling you. It also sets the scene and mood. It seems like its placed on the gym door, right where the players run in before a game. By putting the words there, it already inflicts school spirit. Getting the audience as well as the team "pumped" for what is about to happen. So this not only uses just the words to evoke emotion and reaction, but also placement and setting.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have definitely had an instance of miscommunication at the workplace! Just recently i was employed in a place that had 4 managers. Some would say..."oh well thats great, you had four times the direction!" NO! it was horrible! lol. Me along with most of my other co-workers were completly confused, and misdirected! Because of the lack of communication between the managers, it triclked down to miscommunication between the employees. We had four different managers telling us four different things. (and no this is not an exaggeration) I was a nightmare. Not only were there alot of managers, but the resturant was not even big enough to dictate so many management areas. Not to mention the comstant imput from the owner, which usually clashed with 2 out of 4 managers.
The biggest problem was that they did not have a clear organization of roles! The bar manager often became the front of the house manager...etc. It ultimately resulted in emplyoees being improperly disiplined or fussed at by the other managers. As well as employees aguring with each other about what they were told.
Bottom line: DISASTER! Not communicating does not just effect the two or three..or four parties involved, it effects anyone who has to come in comtact with that confusion. It becomes a big ripple in the pool of the workplace! lol....

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well, Of course I loved my own presentation LOL. But seriously, I thought that Kit's presentation was really good because she had wonderful cheesecake!!!! Really it was great! I wish I could bake like that...but then again I'm glad i cant because I'd eat baked goods everyday! lol....I came in a little late so I missed most of her presentation but the sheer fact that I love food and sweets so much made her a fave!!!!! :)
I was also very happy when Jamie brought Gatorade; becuase one again i love food and what goes better with food than a nice cool beverage?! Especially orange Gatorade, my fave! He was helpful because right before him we had cake(which was great)...and we were able to enjoy a good cup afterwards!!
Emily's Presentation was very interesting! Dairy Cow showing!!! Before this presentation I had no idea that people even did this typr of thing. I thought it was very interesting to see something new, and she taught us a little bit about it, so that was pretty cool as well.

I liked the presentations, they were fun and informative, I learned about alot of new hobbies I had never known about before, and for a second I was able to feel slightly apart of what was going on in there lives. Its also interesting to see what people choose when given a free topic. it lets you know alot about the person.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Current current can I get?!

A current event in my life is trying to make the best out of the information and the opportunities that college present sme. I'm slightly struggling with figuring out what to do next. Granted Im not a senior so Im not completely panicked, however I want to make sure that I get the best possible start towards being successful.
I want to to an intership, yet I want to study abroad, yet I dont wanna miss whats goin on here, however Im gonna need a break period for myself! There is so much that Im trying to do and accomplish, so my current event is making sure to efficiently utilize my resources. LOL....Career Center, my Major Department, Networking Skills.
I know that this isnt exactly what people think about when seeing current events, but its just as current as the McCain v.p. scandals, elections, hip hop news, or national politics and drama but hey, its current and close to home. I know everybody is struggling with this, sometimes there are so few people giving you information on the next thing thats best for you to accomplish. And sometimes by the time we figure it out its too late. So hopefully I dont reach that too late point!!! .....and heed my warning those reading this (hit the library, talk to professors, look up interships..) Hope I follow my own advice.....we'll see..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cover Letters.....

When I was first directed to the website I honestly hated the layout.No offense, and I know its's off subject, but it was so boring. The regular white background and default font, made the information little hard for me to read.
On another note, once I did get the information read I felt that the information was to the point and easy to read and understand. It also helped me to clear up any ambiguities that I might have had about cover letters. Like when to use them, how, the correct way to format them, etc. I liked the fact that they had the best ad worst ways to use a cover letter, and also the sample. Its not much that i can disagree with in this best I feel that I don't know enough to understand how prospective employers view cover letters, and what suites them best. Therefore I just take into consideration everything told, and do the things I'm best comfortable with.
All-in-All, its pretty good and useful information that I would possibly take into consideration when doing my letter.